Monoject™ Safety I.V. Access Cannula

Monoject™ Blunt Tip needleless safety i.v. access cannula

Order Information

Order CodeDescriptionShip Case
8881540101Monoject™ Blunt Tip Needle, I.V. Access,1000
8881541034Monoject™ Syringe I.V. Access, Blunt Tip, 3 mL1000
8881541067Monoject™ Syringe I.V. Access, Blunt Tip, 6 mL500
8881541125Monoject™ Syringe I.V. Access, Blunt Tip, 12 mL480

Features and Benefits

The Monoject BlunTip™ cannula is designed to provide needleless access to I.V. Systems removing the presence of needles from the workplace environment.

SafeComplies with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard for Engineering Controls. Vial Access Cannula generates less particulate matter than an 18 gauge needle or Blunt Cannula
Distinctive colorNeon color is easy to identify as a safety product and distinguishable from a standard needle
UniversalCannula fits a wide variety of pre-pierced ports
Easy and EfficientIncreases safety and ease of use by decreasing the number of steps required to draw and deliver intravenous fluids

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Monoject™ Blunt Tip Cannula compatible with the Baxter INTERLINK™* Safety I.V. System?Yes.
Should the access pin be disposed of in a sharps container?Use of sharps container is recommended for proper disposal.
What gauge is the Monoject™ Blunt Tip cannula?15 gauge equivalent flow rates.
Why is it fluorescent yellow and orange?Distinctive colors help distinguish it as a safety device versus a standard needle.
Can the syringe be re-sterilized?They cannot be re-autoclaved because the softpack packaging materials are impermeable so the gas cannot penetrate the package.